Welcome to One Intuitive Minute.

Welcome to One Intuitive Minute.

This month is about something you can try to improve your intuitive abilities.

Here is what you are going to need:

  • White cardboard – (paper is like a file folder weight) white is best.
  • Black pen
  1. Cut the cardboard into 10 card size pieces (keep clean)
  2. On five of the cards draw a:
    1. Square
    2. Star
    3. Waves
    4. Triangle
    5. Circle

Now that you have ten cards, five that have been drawn on;

  • Take one of the five drawn on cards and stare at it for 60 seconds
  • Turn all over so the tops are blank
  • Mix the cards up
  • Move the cards apart so that all ten cards are not touching each other or over lapping.
  • Now find your card.
    • Take a moment on each card.
    • What can happen is the drawing will appear as if it jumped out through the back of the card.
    • Some people it seems like you can see through the cards
    • Though there are many people who cannot see anything at all

Practice, practice, practice!

Enjoy! Love and Light, Connie


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