The Day My Life Changed For Ever

I was born into a childhood romance; my mother small and pregnant, was married in pink when she was sixteen years old. My father a dreamer, was always trying to be something or someone he was not, a miner, a traveling sales man…never knowing a real job, was three years older.

We lived in nineteen different homes in four different towns by the time I reached eight years of age.  Memories of those precious years… are terrible. Yelling, spanking, crying…being scared is what I remember most. Happy during the day and then walking on egg shells as soon as my Dad got home at night.

My mother did her best looking after my sister and I in trailers or one bedroom basement suites, with minimal furniture and food. Hand me down clothes, struggling to keep up with my education due to all the different schools I went to, never knowing how long this new friend was going to be with me, were some of my life lessons.

So how did I get to now? …  I now believe that my childhood made me strong and determined to find a better way of life.

From the age of ten I helped my divorced mom (thank God!) with her businesses and by the age of twenty five I owned my first business. An awning and canvas repair business, just like I had grown up in. When I was twenty nine, due to many years of the continuous twisting of the spinal column when sewing the enormous tarps and awnings, my lower back would go out and I would be on the floor in excruciating pain. I had to sell my industrial sewing business.

Not wanting an operation, I looked into alternative healing for relief of the pain. I went to a couple of practitioners for sessions and then studied many courses; emotional clearing, reflexology, massage and muscle testing to name a few, and they all helped heal my back. Coincidently, these techniques became very useful in my new career as a Natural Health Practitioner.

I still can remember the moment my life changed as if it was yesterday:

It was close to 10:00 a.m. in the morning. Everything started out normal. I was just finishing up with saying goodbye to my first client, when I noticed my next client was here waiting for me in the lobby. I greeted her and lead her into my practitioner room. I had seen her before at the office; she was one of the other girls regular. She sat down in the recliner and got ready by taking off her socks and shoes for her Reflexology session. Everything was going along just fine. She was relaxing in the chair and making small talk with me; I was just finishing with her right foot and about to change over onto the left foot when it happened.

I started to get this pressure in my head, it was not quite like a headache, it was just this pressure and then… it turned into voices. This had never happened to me before. I didn’t understand it at first, and then I just knew they wanted to talk to the lady sitting in the chair. I was freaking out… quietly to myself of course. I did not know what to do. The pressure was getting worse and the voices louder. I was so worried that I was about to lose my job. That was all I needed… I could just imagine her getting up and running out of the room screaming. The girls who worked the front counter were Jehovah Witnesses…I’d be in big trouble.

I was trying to understand what was going on. I could count on one hand how many drinks in a year that I might have. I do not… do drugs, medication or smoke anything. What was going on?

I grew up catholic, going to church every Sunday, catechisms, even catholic schools. This was not funny or okay!

Finally the pain in my head was unbearable.

I said out loud “I have to tell you something”. Even with just those words her face went a little pale.

“You have two boys that want to talk to you”…

I paused not knowing what she was going to do.

She replied “Is that all”…

I almost fell out of my chair… like this happens to me every day. Is that all!

As to her request I told her what they looked like, acted like and then what they wanted to say.

She then told me that both of her teenage sons had passed on; one by suicide and the other in as car accident. I could not believe my ears. Not only did this freak me out but what were the chances that I was also right. Her husband came to visit me shortly after that and I communicated for him also. The couple invited me to their home, and they showed me pictures of the boys. I am still amazed at how accurate I was.

Well from that day on, while I worked at the alternative medicine clinic, I never knew what to expect from my clients. I would think that I was going to do a massage or maybe reflexology on the client, set up for it… for that is what they booked and then once they got into my room, I found out differently. I always wondered how they knew I could do this, I never advertised or anything. I guess word of mouth is all that it takes.

This was defiantly the turning point in my life and nothing has been normal since (what ever normal is).

Oh, by the way she told me later, that she thought I was going to tell her that she had cancer or something. Funny… thinking back on it, that would have been normal!

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