My predictions of the future in 2012

Happy New Years!
What an interesting year 2012 should be; between the Baby Boomers, New Agers and Spiritualist
On January 23rd the Chinese will welcome in the year of the Dragon. Also this year on approximately Dec 21st it is proclaimed to be the end of the World…as we know it. The Chinese and the Mayan Calendar will end on this date. There are a few different beliefs as to what will happen this year.

New Agers believe that the planets align and you will be able to see Planet X (Also referred to as the Twelfth planet or Nibiru) a planet that comes into our view once every 4000 years and will be close to Earth. Nibiru, in Babylonian Astronomy translates to “Planet of Crossing” or “Point of Transition”, especially of rivers, i.e. river crossings or ferry-boats, a term of the highest point of the ecliptic, i.e. the point of summer solstice, and its associated constellation. Many believe it is populated by Aliens which Humans have descended from. Go to my web site and read more about this planet under articles.

Many Spiritualists believe this is the year that they will start to witness ascension. It is said that you will be standing or sitting and poof, they are gone; disappeared into thin air just like the Mayans did way back in Mexico.

2012 is the year that the first Baby Boomer turns 65. Baby Boomers are anyone born in the:  USA during the years 1946 through 1964 (approximately 76 million babies) The population of the USA in 2011 is over 311 800 000 people  Canada 1946 through 1966 (approximately 8 million babies) January 1, 2011, Canada is estimated to be 34,278,400 people in total.

In Canada the boomers make up almost 1/3 of the population and that is a whole lot of crazy for figuring out demographics! This group of people today are aged 45-65. I want you to think about that.

My feelings tell me that Planet X is why we are feeling all the Earth changes and not that it is due to Global warming from us abusing the planet. Imagine a huge magnetic force pulling us in the opposite direction…could stir a few things up.

Now ascension, maybe it is like “Beam me up Scotty”, with the Aliens from Planet X or maybe it could just be that the Baby boomers are getting old and with that kind of population in the next five to ten years (since the majority of them are in the 55 to 65 age group) is bluntly, just going to die. Personally I do believe that no matter what, life is going to change after 2012. We have already seen it with the stock market crash and the housing crash in the US (Canada is only a couple of years behind). This group of people dictate all our finances. They drove up the prices of homes in the 80’s, took all the best jobs, made Yoga, yogurt and Minivans popular.

Wondering why life has changed a bit in the last few years? Well get ready for more. They are starting to retire and are not spending as much money on buying clothes, furniture, cars or fancy big toys. They will be getting ready to sell their big homes and snowbirding down to Arizona, where the Canadian dollar is going to be spent. They are cashing in their RSPS (stocks), collecting old age pension and still working to boot. Their main type of entertainment is: Reading, TV, bridge, puzzles, Sudoku, walking, swimming, bird
watching, coffee shops, golf and gambling. They do not drink and party as much as they use to so the pubs, bars and night clubs are slower.

Oh yes, I do believe that the world as you know it is going to end BUT… most of us will still be here to witness it.

Get ready to change is my best advice. The economic world is going to change and we need to be able to ride out the next 10 or so years no matter if Aliens come or not (like you don’t believe that they are here already) or if the planet will change poles or true north and north shift (hey the world is a lot older than 4000 years – the pyramids are over 5,200 years old and cave art is 20,000 to 30,000 years old). Meaning humans have lived through this before.

But we have not lived through the baby boomers turning 65 before. I am going to suggest investing in:  Bereavement items o Coffins o Flowers o Urns  Pharmaceuticals -Medicine and Drugs o Velum o Aspirin o Prozac o Sleeping pills  Old folk homes that are more like a resort  Health care items o Glasses o Hearing aids o Eye surgery o Cosmetic surgery o Dentistry (dentures) o Back pain medication o Prostate issues o Cancer o Heart attacks o Stroke o Menopause(hot flashes, vaginal dryness & night sweats) o Urinary issues (depends)  Home care o Laundry o House cleaning o Meals o Health maintenance  Whole foods and healthy diet  They still like to drive so gas and repairs (anything to do with safety- brakes, tires, etc.)  Service, Service and more service. This group will come back only if they like you!!!!  Retail o Comfy beds and chairs o Easy to get into bathtubs
o Wine – Red wine especially (antioxidants) o Books o Hair dye, beauty and artificial nails o Interesting travel (something they have not done yet) with good bathrooms  Finical Institutions since they will be transferring their money from stocks to savings accounts each year.  Casinos and their attached hotels.  Museums  Church  Live theatre  Many will like to volunteer their time  Fitness will be for flexibility and release of muscle pain  Many will migrate back to where they called home; be that their childhood town or country  Getting out of the rat race and into relaxation, safety and comfort  Many will be moving in with their kids, so they can take off for six months or be looked after.  Inheritance money will be huge make sure your parents have a will so all the money does not go to the government.

I am sure you can also think of many other things that you could add to this list. Most Boomer books say that people are people and yes this group will live on average longer than their parents did but will have very similar characteristics and patterns that old people for many past generations did, so invest your time and energy into shifting to servicing these people and you should be okay!

Love and Light, Connie

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