My first story and steps of my journey to today

My guides informed me; that people are on earth to learn lessons, which they need in the afterlife. That material belongings are for comfort or perks in life on earth but not to get attached to them.

I learned an unbelievable amount of knowledge since I owned my businesses. I found that all my past experience; with my parents business, trying out college as a teenager, even being a brown owl leader for my daughter’s brownie pack was needed on my journey. Everything I learnt pushed me further towards my next step.

The second year of the school I had developed is when I was at my peak, everything I had learnt in the past I was now using. I remember thinking if I needed all those experiences for now, then what did I need all these new experiences for in the future.

I have a recurring dream, about myself since I was a kid. I see myself a bit older maybe in my fifties standing on the stage in an amphitheater.  I am in a long beige cotton dress speaking to thousands of people in the audience. I am not sure what I am saying but I feel like I am glowing and I am levitating about two inches off the ground.

All I know is my guides are preparing me for something. I haven’t quite figured out if it is for this life or my next. Every time I go into meditation to find out what I am doing once I die they tell me not to worry about that, to just enjoy my children on earth.

I have found that my children seem to be one of my biggest lessons. I wasn’t positive when I was in my late teens if I wanted children; they seemed such a big responsibility.

I had dreams when I was young of two children; a boy and a girl. Yes, that is what I have now.

I also know now why I was scared to have children.  I was on an IUD for about two weeks when I started to bleed; this was nothing like my menstrual cycle, it was like someone had cut me with a knife. I phoned my doctor’s office and told the nurse, who informed me to wait a couple more days and if it persisted to come in and see the doctor.

The next morning was a Saturday and I was now scared this was not normal. I went to the walk in clinic and the doctor who looked after me agreed that this was not normal and removed the IUD. He also told me that an IUD causes a miscarriage and aborts a fetus every month. I was back to normal within hours. To my luck I ended up pregnant with my second child two months after delivering my first.

Part of me was glad, now I didn’t have to decide if and when I should have another child. My pregnancy was difficult, I ended up in the hospital three times with the first being air ambulanced to Vancouver children’s hospital. I spent a week in bed there for I was only twenty six weeks along in the pregnancy.

With all the special tests they have I found out that I was pregnant on the IUD.

My children have been my greatest blessings. I have learnt so much from them; patients for sure but deeper more meaningful things.

When Colten, my oldest, was four I wondered why he wouldn’t help me like Alicia, his younger sister, did.  They were brought up like twins. I expected boys to learn how to clean just like a girl. This went on for some time, when I realized that he was mimicking Nick. I told Nick about my theory and we decided to try something, even though Nick worked full time and I was at home, he would start to help me around the house. It wasn’t too much time after that Colten started helping me also.

Nick and I constantly try to better ourselves so that our children may learn to do the same.

I wrote this back in 2005

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