Once upon a time, in the land of milk and honey, lived a girl named Suzy. She lived with her Aunt, who was out of town, and her three pets. She had a cat named Mojo—a real sly cat who loved to straighten his whiskers with a comb, while whistling the tune of “Sweet Mary Jane.” She had a bee named buzz who bebopped around from flower to flower all day long. And she had an opinionated dairy cow named Claire, who had been practising ballet for five years and still couldn’t do Swan Lake.

Every night for supper they had a dish of booble berry pie mixed with grumbles and a dash of springles. After supper, Mojo and Claire would sneak out and play…DooBelly. Suzy would talk up a storm as she hid the dishes, pulled down the blinds and did all her other nightly chores.

One evening while she was working in the garden, she thought she saw a tiny gold flicker. Lightly holding the water hose, she glanced everywhere for where the light might have come —up the log walls of the house, on the cobble stone sidewalk and behind the ferns, but there was nothing in sight. She was just about to turn back to her flowers when she noticed from the corner of one eye, sitting there on the fence, was a Leprechaun holding the end of a rainbow, dressed in a tight fighting business suit with a few gold coins popping out of one pocket.

The Leprechaun was smiling while saying something. Suzy interrupted, “I’m sorry, you didn’t read the sign at the entrance – no solicitors.” She was just about to spray him when the Leprechaun took a breath and winked his right eye…and before Suzy could say “Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater,” the luck of the Irish was NOT upon her and he disappeared.

Now, if you have ever heard of the stories of how things go misplaced…you’ll remember never to interrupt a Multi Level Leprechaun who had just stubbed his big toe on your daises prior to making his introduction to his marvelous new gimmick.

Suzy, being used to the land of milk and honey, quickly went inside and brought out a bowl and spoon and ate all of the Leprechaun’s marshmallow stars, moons and four leaf clovers…and since that day there has never been a traveling Leprechaun on her fence…though she still has problems finding her keys.

I wrote this in 2005 when my name was still Connie Brummet
Inspired by my belated father-in-law Frank Brummet, author of SQUISH-A-MALISH

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