Divine Direction

Divine Direction

Ever wanted help?
Ever wished you had a guardian angel?
What if they existed?

I believe that some instances in your life you have no choice over. Yes, I believe we have some control; actually a lot of control, just, not all the control. When I wrote my second book ‘Fairy tales, Dreams and Reality’, I wrote about what you think is what you create. I still believe that but I believe God or Creator or whatever you want to call him, her or it, has the luck portion.

Have you ever played Poker, Texas Hold’em in particular?

This is a game of where up to eleven players (tournaments) but usually ten (cash game) are dealt two cards each, where each player can secretively look at his or her own hand. The players in turn, clockwise rotation, starting after what is called big blind and small blind; big blind being two people to the left of the dealer button and small blind being one person to the left of the dealer button (which changes to the next person in line around the table at the end of each completed hand) choose to check, bet or fold their cards.

The dealer then takes one card and burns it (hides it), then takes three more cards and turns them over on the center of the oval table for all players to see.  The object of the game is to get or bluff that you have the best hand of five cards, one or two from your hand and the rest from the cards shown on the table.

The turn card (forth card) is turned over the same way as the first three; dealer burns one card and turns one new card over. Players who are left (two at least) in the game (who did not fold) get to choose again to check, bet or fold their cards. Then if there is still at least two players left in the hand, then the dealer burns one more card and turns the last card, this fifth card over (this card is called the river). Again the remaining players get to choose to check, bet or fold their cards (for more information, look up poker on your computer for the rules of which hand wins). The person who has the best hand wins the money (a tie is split). Then a new hand is dealt to everyone at the table and the game starts again.

The point of this is, that yes, a person needs to know the rules of how to play the game so they have a real chance of winning. And there is the ability to possibly read a player to tell if they are bluffing, it really does help if you can tell a person’s signs or quirks they have when they have a great hand, semi good hand or poor hand. But any real poker player will tell you that they would rather have luck than skill any day.

Luck, than skill…interesting…

This is why I am writing this book, I believe that God is warning me to tell everyone that the luck factor is left to the heavens and that you do get some choice but not all the choice to your life on Earth.

As I said before I do believe in what you think is what you create but I am here to tell you that there is also the luck factor. God wants you to know that not everything is always on your side and that at the table, there is up to eleven players who all want the same thing…to win.

So whose turn is it, anyways?

There are days that I have played Texas Hold’em and everything is normal, I win a few hands and loose a few hands. After any hand I have the choice to leave the table, get up with my money and leave.

So why do I play?
A few years ago, I went on a holiday with my husband, Mom and step Dad. My parents love the game and in a way threw me in to see what I thought of the game. Well, I loved it! The thrill was unbelievable. You know when they say scared shitless, well that was how this game started for me. I was so scared that I litterly had to go to the bathroom before I played.

I had beginners luck, as they call it. I won a few hands and walked away with money the first few times I played. Since then I have walked away many times with sometimes a lot of money. But if you ask my family I do not play for the money, I play, for the game. There is a lot of psychology in this game, trying to learn other peoples tells. Why I really play is because I escape from the real world, all my issues or problems disappear and all there is…is the cards.

Am I addicted? Probably.

What I am really trying to write about, is the luck factor. The game of poker, and my guess would be, any game out there, is the luck factor. There are normal days when your timing and skill are in working for you; bad days, when anything you do, at any time, looses the hand, and what I call extreme lucky days (which I have only had a couple of times) where nothing you can do can go wrong. I mean crazy luck, unbelievable luck, luck that you just know deep down is not your skills of playing the cards or any other game of life. It is like there is a divine direction happening.

Someone else is in control and you just hold on for the ride.

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