A Dream I had

I had this dream many years ago that Nick’s mom passed on.

I was walking the halls in a hospital looking for my mother, Linda. I finally found her door which had a push button lock on it… I could not figure out the combo. I needed to get in that room and see her. I asked the nurses to let me in and they said no. I tried the lock again and still nothing, I started to panic for my mother was inside. I yelled for someone to open this door and let me in…finally by about the third time a different nurse let me in. I opened the door to find my mom under the white covers, and shaved balled. My real Dad’s mother, Grandma Fletcher, was sitting in a chair beside her. Puzzled, I remember looking at my mom and then turning to ask my grandmother how she was able to get in…then realizing that she had died years ago.

I woke up that morning balling my eyes out and calling my mom on the phone and told her about the dream. She tried to ensure me that she was okay. I got dressed and rushed to her business and still crying told her… no demanded… that she looked after herself, that she was to young to die and that we do not see each other enough.

I never realized that the dream was trying to tell me it was Nick’s Mom, she died not too long after the dream.

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