2 Minute Massage

2 Minute Massage

Have the client sit comfortably.

  1. Knead the Shoulders: 3-5 times (x)
    1. Place both of your hands on the tops of the shoulders near the base of the neck and firmly massage them in slow motion.

Ask how the depth of pressure feels to get the client’s feedback.

  1. Thumb down the upper back: 1-3x
    1. Keep your fingers on the tops of the shoulders and use your thumbs to firmly press between the spine and shoulder blades. The practitioner should have one leg back, one leg forward, rocking his or her weight back and forth leaning into the upper back with the thumbs.
  2. Thumb and Bent Finger Squeeze: 1-3x
    1. Brace the front of the chest or shoulder with one hand and continue light pinch motion down the spine.
  3. Energy Brushing: 3x
    1. Gently run your fingertips over the crown of the head and down the back of your client.
  4. Repeat any of the moves if timing is to fast

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