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Our Approach

For over twenty year’s personal empowerment, holistic healing and spa sessions for the body, mind and soul has been Constance Santego’s destiny.  When the soul is happy the body and mind follows.  With just walking into our centre you will appreciate the inner calmness that comes with a relaxed state of body, mind and soul.

Our Story

Santego Centre has been called a few names in the first twenty years…From Auroras Natural Health Center to Canadian Institute of Natural Health and Healing to Crème Caramel Day Spa…But the one thing that has never changed is the heart and soul Connie brings with her knowledge.

Constance Santego

Meet the Team

Our staff is picked by divine intervention…
Isn’t it interesting the story each person has to the reasoning to be where they are at that moment. Isn’t it interesting that you picked a moment in time to spend your time with one of our practitioners, knowing you are contributing to their growth and theirs to yours.

(this greeting translates to  "I bow to the God within”).

Sequoia Wiseman

Spa Practitioner

Esthetician at the Constance Santego Holistic Center & Spa
I was born in northern BC and moved to the Okanagan to pursue my career as an Estetician. I studied and completed my esthetics apprenticeship under the guidance of my instructor and mentor "Connie" Constance Santego in 2017, and enjoy continuously working and learning in an ever changing industry. I believe a person who loves what they do never works a day of their life. I love esthetics and the effects a treatment can have on clients. I strive to make each session an enjoyable and relaxing experience as I continue to develop my skills in this industry.

Akiko Mita

Spa Practitioner

I was born in Tokyo and have lived in Korea and Brazil. I moved to Kelowna in 2016. I have been learning and practicing nails since 2015 with my certifications: SMBA, JNEC (basic, 2nd and 3rd level), JNA Basic Gel Nail Tech.

My hobbies are reading, language and tanning.
I will do my best while continuing my apprenticeship with Connie. My goal is so that a lot of customer's smiles can be seen.

Next Steps...

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