Healing of Body

Enjoy our Natural Healing and Esthetic Spa Services…always with a holistic twist; helping to reduce any stress in your life…pampering yourself is preventative medicine.

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Healing of Mind

Coaching for those who are on a personal growth and empowerment journey!

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Healing of Soul

The mystical secrets of the ages…We can help you on your journey of self-understanding, life purpose and direction.

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From our hearts...to our hands...
to your session

From personal wellbeing esthetics and natural healing spa sessions, to life-changing holistic body, mind and soul retreats enjoyed around the world, The Santego Centre brings the ancient knowledge of holistic energy healing, meditation, aromatherapy with the traditional spa sessions that are truly enjoyed.

Reveal your true beauty, inside and out and discover why it is the significant breakthrough of health, wealth and happiness. Shift does happens…Create magic with even the smallest intent!

Constance Santego


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